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Susquehanna Style


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“Imagine living in a home that creates eight times the energy that it uses, treats its own water on site, and provides 50 percent of its inhabitant’s food. It even shares electricity with the neighbors and powers the street lights on the block. This is what Project Rambo aims to do.

A grassy lot in southeast Lancaster will be the site of this unprecedented sustainability project and the future home of Ron Rambo, chief visionary and namesake of the undertaking, a man who was born with cerebral palsy and has exclusively used a wheelchair since early adulthood”. – Susquehanna Style


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“Team Rambo, also known as Ramboland, is a project born from the need of Ron Rambo, born with Cerebral Palsy, for a home that can support his disability and increase his quality of life. However, Ramboland doesn’t just stop there. LEED Fellow Max Zahniser, has used his experience with Green Architecture to combine Ron’s social vision with an environmental one that can benefit the entire community. The meeting of these objectives has been defined by the goal “to design a project that will actually increase the vitality of life and life-support systems in every way possible,” using architecture to make a difference”. – Architect Daily

The Candy Factory


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“Ron Rambo was born with Cerebal Palsey. This condition has greatly influenced his mobility, limiting him to a wheelchair for most of his adult life. Moreover, Ron is a low-income renter in the city, limiting his selection of handicap accessible housing.
That’s where Team Rambo came in. The Rambo Project was born. The house will be equipped with the latest energy-efficient technologies and designed in a way which will provide ease-of-access for Ron, his family and the community”. – The Candy Factory

USGBC Magazine


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 “Ron Rambo is many things: a friend, a son, a volunteer and advocate for the disabled community, and a well-known figure of the city of Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Now, he’s adding the word “pioneer” to that list, thanks to the Rambo Project, a cutting-edge home that will not only provide a totally accessible place for him to live with his wheelchair, but also one that will be radically sustainable”. – USGBC Magazine

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