Team Rambo

A special thanks to all those who have contributed in-kind design and construction donations. These extraordinary people have generously given of their time and exceptional expertise, and made this incredible project possible.

Team Rambo Members

Team Member Ramboland Role Company
“Independent” contributors may work at firms, but the firm is not supporting the project
Chad Smith 1st Major $ Donor Stull Investment
Ron Rambo The Man Himself, Chief Visionary Rambo & Co.
Lou Ziegler Direct Care Staff, Lancaster coordination Rambo & Co.
Chad Ibach Web Development, Direct Care Staff  
Chris Thvedt Direct Care Staff Rambo & Co.
Jono Droege Direct Care Staff Rambo & Co.
David Fraile Direct Care Staff Rambo & Co.
Max Zahniser, LEED Fellow Project Facilitator Sustainability Nexus / Praxis – Building Solutions, LLC
Joyce Killian Mother, Land Donation, Aluminum Can Fundraising  
Jesse Pellman Builder Longview Structures
John Harper Financial Advisor Greenbriar Capital, LLC
Frank Sherman Food Systems Design Ecotone Design
Jennifer Sheffield Project Manager GBWAWA
Noa Hakak Building Performance Analyst GBWAWA
Sam Alfassy Building Performance Analyst GBWAWA
Emily R. McCoy Landscape Architecture Andropogon
Jason A. Curtis Landscape Architecture Andropogon
Lauren Mandell Landscape Architecture Andropogon
Thomas Amoroso Landscape Architecture Andropogon
Brian Oram Soil Scientist / Water Quality B.F. Environmental Consultants/Keystone Clean Water Team 
Michael Paul Structural Engineering Built Form
Matt Johnson City support City of Lancaster
Karl Graybill City support City of Lancaster
Ruth Hocker City support City of Lancaster
Douglas Smith City support City of Lancaster
Charlotte Katzenmoyer City support City of Lancaster
Randy Patterson City support City of Lancaster
Gary Horning City support City of Lancaster
Paula Jackson City support City of Lancaster
Bryan Harner City support City of Lancaster
Craig Lenhard City support City of Lancaster
Cindy MicCormick City support City of Lancaster
Rob Ruth City support City of Lancaster
Danene Sorace Mayor, City support City of Lancaster
Rick Gray Former Mayor, City support City of Lancaster
Bernie Burkholder City support City of Lancaster
Harry Witz Fundraiser AV Technology Clair Global
Sylvester Mobley Micro-grid coding Coded by Kids
Carol Hickey Architect of Record Hickey Architects
Kevin Malawski Architectural Design & Doc Independent
Julia Grimes Renderer Independent
Kate Greim Renderer Independent
Sapana Mandore Project Coordinator Independent
Bungane Mehlomakulu MEP Engineering Integral Group
James Tosh MEP Engineering Integral Group
Mark Reinmiller Promotion Assistance Kinectiv
Kyle Lang Promotion Assistance Kinectiv
Steven C. Black Site Survey Land Grant Surveyors
Dan Duran Ecologist MANTIZ
Jon Wile Plumber R.L. Wile & Son Plumbing, Inc.
Jason Loiselle Civil Engineering Sherwood Engineers
Scot Pusey LEED for Homes Provider Steven Winter Associates
Michelle Renee Website Support Streamlined Business Solutions, LLC
Bill Speakman Fundraiser Venue Tellus360
Joe Devoy Fundraiser Venue Tellus360
Prior Contributors    
Hannah Gant Event Facilitation  
Kira Kristoff Event Facilitation  
Seema Pandya Artist contributor to fundraiser  
Justin Jones Artist contributor to fundraiser  
Robyn Mello Artist contributor to fundraiser Edenspore / Radicans
Sam Klein LEED for Homes Consultant  
Brian Falcon Initial Architectural Modeling Berks Lancaster Green Building Association
Tracy Buchholz Initial Landscape Architecture Derck & Edson Associates
Bill Landis Initial HVAC Designer (while with) JK Mechanical, Inc.
Luke Morton Energy Modeler Independent
Justin Bond Accessibility Consultant/ Meeting Venue host (while with) United Disability Services
Kelly Gutshall Initial Water System Design Land Studies
Justin Spangler Initial Water System Design Land Studies
Michael Stark Initial Rainwater Consultant Stark Environmental
Mohammd Qudos Revit Modeling and Videography Nexus
Tom Whitehill Treatment Wetland Design Whitehill Consulting
Academic partners    
Carol Hickey, Professor, Architecture Architecture curriculum integration Franklin and Marshall
Kimberly Hitchcock, Program Professor for Architectural Technology Architecture curriculum integration Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Michael G. Gerfin, Ed.D, President   Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology
Erik Porse, PhD, Postdoctoral Researcher, Water Resources Engineering + Modeling Urban water system research UCLA

 Past Events:

The Kickoff party  was a big success! Thanks to all who came, it was a blast!

Screen Shot 2016-07-17 at 2.01.01 PM

We would like to thank the following generous donors for their early support in the Ramboland effort, and at the picnic kick-off:

Pledgers and Contributors:

Joyce Killian

Douglas Thomas

Joy McKenzie and Joel Lesher

Christine Longenecker and Rick Shoup

Ron Rambo

Eric Tarring

Rose Anne Bradburn

Sandy Asher

Lou Ziegler

Randy and Susan Rambo

Linda Schuyler

Karl Graybill

Event Goods Contributors:

Joyce Killian

Brandon Sheetz

Lou Ziegler

Shannon Prutzman

Max Zahniser

Square One Coffee

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