Imagine if we could spend half as many tax dollars per citizen with special needs, but be radically more effective in supporting their well-being and happiness, as well as the health of our cities.

This project points the way.


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What is Ramboland?

Our Goal

Ramboland will be a living laboratory, demonstrating that cities can heal our ecosystems while supporting the lifestyles of our citizens with special needs in a far better and less expensive fashion than we do today.


Extremely Green

Featuring state of the art design in the building envelope Ramboland will produce 8 times more energy than it consumes. The house is equipped with on site rainwater collection, waste water treatment, storm-water solutions as well as solar power. The backyard gardens and aquaponic farm system will produce a substantial abundance of food.


Radical Accessibility

From the entrances to the kitchen, bathroom, gardens and bedroom, Ramboland is thoughtfully designed to be a home fit for any individual. Not only this, it will do away with utility bills for the occupant and provide an income stream through the sale of excess power and food.

Team Rambo